SAISANE is a personal blog. All content published here is the author thoughts as admin, as well as from several sources references found in the search engines.

If you find content on this blog, in the form of pieces of articles, books, magazines, pictures, or videos that are listed on this blog, please feel free to file a lawsuit through comments or email at fatkhur.rokhim179@gmail.com.

Terms of filing a lawsuit that included must comply with Google's DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act), that its content has been reduced and adjusted to the conditions in Indonesia, as follows:

  1. Please provide the link to this blog page which infringes your copyright
  2. Provide proof that the content is purely the result of your work, or the copyright is owned by you. Examples of verification can be done in a way to include a link to the original contents
  3. Send the report via my email fatkhur.rokhim179@gmail.com to be reviewed by me personally
  4. Give me the grace period for 1 week or 7 days because there is a possibility I'm offline
  5.  If your claim is proven true, then I will delete or remove content that violates the copyright, and I will cast a written apology through the comments on the article or by reply email that you send
  6.  If you doubt the lawsuit, then I will send a reply email to you to make a clarification on the lawsuit
  7.  If your lawsuit is not proven to be true, for example, you are also doing the same copyright infringement, then the content will not I delete, and you must apply for a pardon through a reply e-mail or through the comments in the article

seven explanation above it seems fair and useful, and easy to do. For more information, please go to this: Google DMCA.